Why HP

For most people, insurance is a necessary evil – you have to have it, you rarely use it, and there are other things you would rather be spending your money on. On top of that, most people don’t know what their insurance agent does or why they chose them in the first place.

An insurance agent should offer reliable information and advice, while having their client’s best interest in mind. At Hill Point, our focus is on customer service and finding the best coverage at the best price. Does your agent offer the following?


Hill Point is an independent agency, but what does that mean? It means we have our client’s best interest in mind – not the insurance company’s. We pair our clients with the insurance company that offers the best coverage at the best price, based on their individual needs.

No Broker’s Fees or Quotas

At Hill Point, we don’t charge a broker’s fee and we do not have sales quotas. We receive commissions directly from the insurance company that our client chooses.

Referral Program

For every person you refer, we will send you a $5 Amazon gift card.

Insurance Checkup

Insurance rates are constantly changing and, as a general rule of thumb, you should considering shopping your rates around once every 2 years or so.
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